The best-selling natural matcha tea on Amazon is somehow down to $18

LIVIA Matcha Tea
UPDATE: We’ve received a few emails from people having trouble with the code, but it’s still working for most of our readers. It’s possible that sale inventory is starting to sell out, so you may want to hurry if you haven’t already picked up your matcha.

Despite being used for centuries, the popularity of Matcha tea has exploded in the US over the last year. Health conscious people love the rich mix of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids that it contains. Unlike regular teas, Matcha is more potent; The entire leaf is used and ground into a powder. When brewed with hot water a delicious cup of matcha is formed which can relax the mind, improve concentration and elevate moods.

It’s hard to know which is an authentic Japanese matcha and which is low-quality Chinese matcha. That’s why the LIVIA – Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha has been the best-selling new release on Amazon’s site since they launched. It offers incredible quality, 100% natural Matcha in a beautiful tin (great for gifting) at a great price of $24. But wait, if you use the coupon code EMOQ477 at checkout you can get it right now for just $18.40. That’s the lowest price ever for this amazing high-quality matcha.
  •  NATURAL AND AUTHENTIC CEREMONIAL GRADE MATCHA – Our stone ground matcha comes from 100% shade-grown tea farms in Kagoshima, the southernmost region of Japan. Soil in this region is nutrient-rich due to the active Sakurajima volcano, which makes our matcha one of a kind. Ceremonial grade quality delivers a premium blend that is less bitter with zero grit to provide you super smooth, rich flavor down to the very last drop.
  •  RELIEVE STRESS AND BOOST IMMUNITY – Highest grade matcha tea that is loaded with amino acid L-Theanin to help stimulate alpha brain waves that promote relaxation and mental clarity while helping with: stress relief; boosting your immune system; and increasing your metabolism and weight loss. Its pleasant aroma alone can provide instant zen for your body after a long, energy draining day.
  •  HEALTHY SUPERFOOD AND ANTIOXIDANT TEA – Turn back time and start looking younger with every single sip from your LIVIA matcha drink – each drop delivers a mega dose of antioxidants, including detox agent EGCG, to help: increase fat burn; lower blood pressure; and support skin health by reducing inflammation and skin radicals that accelerate skin aging. Comes in a tin container to preserve its pure, refined flavor and health benefits.
  •  DELICIOUS COFFEE ALTERNATIVE EASILY MADE IN MINUTES – Make matcha tea in minutes that is lightly caffeinated (25-35mg per half teaspoon) and packed with flavor, amino acids and antioxidants! 1) Screen the powder to a glass bowl using a fine mesh strainer. 2) Slowly add hot water. 3) Whisk vigorously with a bamboo whisk until the tea is frothy and well mixed. 4) Enjoy your tasty drink. Nothing beats a ceremonial matcha created from the comfort of your home!
  •  FRESHNESS AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – As tea-lovers ourselves, LIVIA strives to meet our customers’ high standards. If by any reason you didn’t like what you tasted or were not satisfied with our product, please feel free to contact us and we’ll make things right for you.

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